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Funding is available for all preschool children following the term after the child is three.


Some parents of younger children may be eligible to access two-year-old funding depending on their individual family circumstances.


Working parents may be able to access more funded hours dependent on if they meet required criteria.


More information about this can be found on the Government website

Staffing - we are very proud to say that we have a very low turnover of staff which is extremely beneficial for children, parents and work colleagues.


This means the consistency and continuity of care for children and relationship building is a strong aspect in all of our settings. We operate a higher staff to child ratio than that which is recommended and we offer staff access to regular training events as part of their continual development.







All staff are checked to ensure they are suitable to work with young children, they must hold paediatric first aid and food safety qualifications which are regularly updated. All staff must also be trained in a variety of safeguarding procedures to ensure they know how to keep children safe and well protected and have a clear understanding of what they must do if they have any concerns about a child’s health or well-being. Staff attend team meetings on a regular basis and all are involved in daily ‘team talks’ to ensure information is shared to keep all colleagues well informed. We are often used as a training placement provider for students on childcare or teaching courses and we welcome volunteers into our settings.

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