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About Us

Building Bricks settings are safe and happy places for children to be.


Each of our settings are unique and individual but all meet the needs of children expertly with high emphasis placed on the provision of exceptional quality care, play and learning. Our well qualified and experienced teams plan, prepare and deliver a full and varied range of indoor and outside activities that support all children’s learning and development.


Great attention is paid by staff members to get to know each child, find out what interests them, investigate their experiences so far and help them to enjoy and benefit from their time at the setting to help each one reach their maximum potential. We recognise that sometimes children need some additional support and we have secure systems in place to do this in very close partnership with parents and often alongside other professionals.

We are very keen to help each child prepare for their entry into full time education and support those, as in the case of children attending Hunsley Primary School, to face a challenging school day. We help children to understand about behaving well and how to show respect for others. We encourage them to share their ideas, be independent and to make choices and decisions.


Every child is unique and we truly value our relationships with parents so that we can work together to meet each child’s needs holistically. We base the care of our children on vast experience, a breadth of knowledge and secure understanding of children but most importantly on making happy memories and having fun.


We are always looking for different ways to enhance the experiences we offer our children and value the contribution made by our parents, volunteers and professional guests who often visit our settings to share their knowledge, skills and talents with the children.

Please come and visit our settings and talk to the staff. Better still, come and talk to the children and see them in action. They tell us they ‘love’ coming to Building Bricks and there can be no better endorsement than that!

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